Parishkar International College
Parishkar International College
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Botany Labs

  • Botany deals with the course content of plant sciences and the utility of plants in relation to mankind. Botany is significant to acquire a gist of the fundamentals of science in itself to fully appreciate how botanical knowledge is useful in several areas of human life.
  • Botany labs are well equipped, contains following instruments like: Dissecting Microscope, Compound Microscope, various Specimen, Permanent Slides for identification, Glass wares like: Beakers, Conical flasks, Petridish, Watch glass, Slides, Cover slip, Glass rod, Staining bottles, Test Tubes and Plastic wares like Wash bottles, Droppers etc. Botany lab also contains with staining reagents for dissecting materials.
  • College has also facilitated the botany students with botanical garden to encourage research on varieties of plants, Ganong's respirometer, Monometer, Arc Auxenometer, Photometer.