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Impact of the research activities (शोध गतिविधियों का प्रभाव)

  • Proper guidance is being given to the teachers and the students even for their small research practices to orient their attitude towards research, to help them, to formulate hypothesis, to prepare questionnaires, to conduct interviews, to collect the data, to analyze the data, to draw conclusions and to write a report in a proper order with explicitness, in a descriptive, analytical and scientific language.

  • The teachers are oriented with research methodologies by many experts, and through model research papers. Many teachers of PCGE are busy in Ph.D. work with different universities.

  • Some of the teachers are engaged in research work on significant topics related to their teaching practices. This is an innovative step put forward by this college to revolutionize the teaching methods through working on small research practices.

  • Day by day classroom practices and learning achievements of the students are encouraged, which is the dire need of the country's higher education today.

  • PCGE is engaged in the development of the research skills of the faculty in terms of taking up projects, applying experimental teaching and learning processes combined with research aptitude and working on small research projects with more interest and involvement to encourage the students.

  • The college ascertains that the research facilities provided in terms of the library, laboratories and equipment are used to the fullest by the students and the faculty. It is observed that a research attitude has been developed over all and inclination towards taking up research practices is increasing gradually, and more and more research work is to be materialized.